Siddaganga Jatre Tumkur | Agricultural & Industrial Exhibition | Cattle fair

Sree siddaganga math

Need for Exhibition

Siddaganga math has always given importance to the living conditions of rural people, Math made many programs to improve the same.


One of the programs is the Agricultural & Science / Industrial Exhibition. It is also called as Cattle fair first few days desi cows will be sold here by the farmers. Farmers from many places come here to buy cows. In this program, we can see science projects are done by the school, college students and Exhibit in Exhibition.

siddaganga jatre video

When & where will the be Exhibition?

This Exhibition will be held every year during Shivarathri for 15 days in Siddaganga math. Tumkur Zilla Panchayat and the State Government’s cooperation in the conduct of exhibitions are always forthcoming.

New invitation for 2023

siddaganga jatre 2023 invitation and program details

New invitation update for 2021

Programs List for each day & Invitation for the year 2020

Objectives of the Exhibition

  • Audio-Visual presentation for spreading the industrial/science information and knowledge to rural people.
  • Exhibition and sale of industrial products.
  • Demonstration of Crop varieties and communication of information.
  • Propagating new areas of research in agriculture.
  • Techniques of modern farming to increase yield.
  • Conservation of water and its economical use.
  • Workshops and seminars to farmers arranged with experts in agriculture.
  • Exhibition and sale of cottage industry produce by Women’s organizations.
  • Developments of different government departments.
  • Use of Solar energy and awareness of energy saving.
  • To save and grow forest products, medicinal plants, and wild animals.
  • Scientific and technical exhibitions to benefit school and college students and teachers.
  • Promoting rural and folk art and artisans and artists.
  • Cultural and entertainment programmes for farmers and public.

Some pics of Exhibition.

Cattle Fair

cattle fair

Knowledge on Reshmi Krushi

reshme krushi

Fish Farming

fish farming

From Tumkur Zilla panchayat and UNICEF

zilla panchayat

Health and Family

health & family

Siddaganga Vidya Samsthe

siddaganga samsthe



Images source( )

Forest Department

forest dept

Some Exhibition Pics.


Finally, I am inviting you please come, learn & enjoy the Tumkur Sree siddagana math exhibition.

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