Life Experience at Tumkur

Experience calm, Sceneric, less traffic, less pollution and actively developing infrastructures are the best things to live happily in Tumkur.

What is Tumkur famous for?

Tumkur is famous as Shaikshanika Nagari (city of education) [siddagangamath], Kalpatharu Nadu (land of coconut trees), have India’s first mega food park [ a project of the ministry of food processing ] and one of the industrial city in the Karnataka.

Tumkur neighbor districts are Chitradurga, Hassan and Mandya districts of Karnataka. Tumkur District belongs to the Southern part of India.

is there a good place to jog in Tumkur?

There are many good places to jog in Tumkur.

1. Tumkur university campus

It’s a big campus with lots of green and trees. Even here a lot of people will come walking, jogging, playing various games. After jogging, if you are hungry, there are many places nearby to have breakfast and Coffee.

2. Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT) college campus

You will get fresh air as there are lots and lots of trees on the campus. Lots of people will be there for their morning walks, some will be doing yoga in the basketball court and some will be playing basketball or volleyball or throwball in the courts. It is a serene campus with a cool environment, birds chirping melodiously.

3. High School Field Near Bhadramma Choultry, S.S.Puram.

This place is a huge ground and many functions will happen here, a good place for running, walking, playing.

4. Sarvodaya school field in Vijayanagara

Whoever near to this place can walk, jog here.

5. Amanikere park

All these places are good for jogging especially in the morning. You will find like-minded people jogging to get that motivation to keep going on!

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