Top Electronic Components / Audio system Dealer in Tumkur

The need for this Review

In this digital world, we can see that everything is made up of Electronic/Electrical devices.
If the device stops working with a certain problem and needs the replacement of components then, here is the shop where you can get all the components.
People who like electronic/electrical subjects can make use of this shop to get there required components/devices.


Ravikiran Electronics Tumkur


Ravikiran Electronics shop has more than 10 years of experience in this field.
They are official dealers for Ahuja Audio systems and are famous for selling Amplifiers, Digital sound systems, Audio speakers, microphones, outdoor audio speakers and so on…

They are also famous in selling electronic components like resistors, Integrated circuits, capacitors, and microcontrollers.


Address No.5, TDB Building, Mg Road Tumkur, Tumkur – 572101, Next to Ambedkar Bhavan
Time 10:00 Am – 7:30 Pm (Sunday closed)
Contact No9886177202, 2275770
Mode of paymentCash, BHIM, UPI, paytm


My Experience

I used to visit this shop very often to buy the requirements for my project. It usually takes time to buy the components as the crowd can be expected most of the time. But I almost got all the electronic components required for my project.


Ravikiran Electronics is the best place to buy Electronic components/ Audio devices in Tumkur. Please share your experience in the comment section.

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